Photo: Alaina Haisse   

 Photo: Alaina Haisse




Hi there, 

My name is Cristobal Ruiz, I was born and raised in the south of Chile, in a beautiful province that is surrounded by amazing nature, including 8 active volcanoes. When I was 19 years old I moved to British Columbia, Canada, with the intention of traveling and living in near the mountains as much as I could.

 Through out those years, I was able to develop my curiosity for creating images and I made the decision of studying in Vancouver, BC. where I have established myself as a freelance photographer and videographer in Vancouver, BC.

 My travels and personal projects have taken me to places like the Andes in Southamerica, the Dolomites in the Italian Alps and the mountains of British Columbia.  

 Today I am happily based in North Vancouver, currently working for a media production company in Vancouver. Snowboarding during the winters, and hiking or traveling during the summers. I am currently working on a photography / filmmaking project about Salt Workers of the Peruvian Andes which will be shot in between August and October 2018.

More of my work can be seen at my Instagram @cristobalfromchile .

GRACIAS for stopping by.

With love and dedication, 

Cristóbal Ruiz.


A bit of myself. Video by Antisocial Media Solutions.